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HOT ZTE Grand S Review - All Show And Disappointing Action

ZTE is a phone manufacturer from China. The company is attempting to break into the top tier premium end of the Smartphone market with its new phones; the ZTE Grand S is their current flagship handset.
The phone is being rolled out this first quarter of 2013 in China, and then to other geographical areas at yet to be announced times. ZTE have already released the Grand Era and the Grand X but this phone is the best yet.
ZTE Grand S Review - 2013


The specifications of the phone are certainly compelling. It has a full HD 5 inch screen, quad core processer at 1.7GHz, 13 megapixel camera, 2 GB of RAM, 4G connectivity and sports the Android Jelly Bean Operating System. All this fits into a body which is just 6.9mm thick. This phone by specification is right up there with Samsung Galaxy 3, iPhone 5, Sony Xperia Z and other top phones.

The phone has a microSIM port on one side and a microSD card slot on the other. With many phones eliminating the microSD card slot , this is, I guess, a bonus nowadays. The phone's internal memory is 16GB and this can be expanded significantly with the addition of an SD card.

The specifications of the phone suggest that the phone should be lightning quick and snappy. In reality the Jelly Bean system is somewhat sluggish and even unresponsive when put next to the likes of Huawei and Sony. Certainly the delays waiting for screens to load and the sluggishness are not serious in terms of a lower specification mid-range phone but when considered as a high-end premium phone it is frustrating and below expectation.

The keyboard on the phone's screen is an Android keyboard, which has been altered. It is ok but not as good as SwiftKey from Google Play, which has a much better typing experience.


The phone has a 13 megapixel camera, which doesn't have that great a shutter speed making photos in quick succession nigh on impossible. In addition, the pictures aren't actually as crisp as you would expect. As for the video, it is not what one would expect from such a high specifications phone. The video and camera experience are both somewhat disappointing.


In summary this phone disappoints, it flatters to deceive. The specifications suggest it should be a top class phone and blow other phones out of the water, but in reality it ends up being slightly annoying, a bit disappointing in the screen and camera departments and leaving the user baffled by how such amazing specifications can amount to such lackluster performance. If you are looking for a high end phone then look to Nokia, Apple, Samsung and you will get a better value proposition right now. ZTE need to go back to the drawing board and redraft their ideas about what constitutes high-end smartphone performance and indeed how they are going to produce a phone that meets expectations rather than disappoints. In short, do not be fooled by the spec in the advertising blurb!

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Phil Turner is looking at new mobiles at the moment, both for himself and his family.
Posted By: Stuart Prada

HOT ZTE Grand S Review - All Show And Disappointing Action


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