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Google Says Jump - Do You Ask 'How High?'

Google Says Jump - Do You Ask How High?
If a person or a business already has way too much power, what's the worst thing in the world you can do? Of course, the answer is 'give them even more power' as to do so is to just make the problem worse by far. This is exactly the problem being faced by millions of businesses the world over when it comes to that old-favorite Google - we're guilty of moaning that Google has grown too big for its boots but at the same time it's all of us that give the firm its power.

This poses a rather large dilemma for the SEO professionals of the world as in order to get by in a world obsessed with Google, you of course have to make sure you fare well in its favors. But here's the thing – what happens to you and your business if said SEO outsource pros are unable to win over Google and thus tap into its market? Or on other words, are you risking all of your eggs in one highly fragile basket that's not even in your control? That is an important point to consider. A point that can see your online business survive or be shattered in a very short time.

A Fine Line

The problem is that no matter how well you think you are doing in the eyes of the powers that be, you have really no idea. One day you could be right at the top of the rankings and the next could bring a change to Google's indexation service and there you go… right to the bottom of the list once again. And it wouldn't be so bad if we could at least see what was coming next or when to expect it, but we can't and we won't… ever.

Even worse still, once you've been banished to the rankings depths for any or no given reason there's little to no chance of you ever getting your prior glory back. Google has a habit of adding insult to injury by blacklisting those that fail to fall in line, which means that once you've been put in your place, it's your place for good. Given these kinds of risks, it's little wonder that so many are willing to jump when Google tell them to and pretty much live their lives on a knife's edge. But is this how it should really be? Isn't there anything the webmasters around the world can do and avoid such risky behavior?

And the Answer?

There is however a solution and one that brings the kind of peace of mind most will never, ever experience. It's simply a case of taking at least a sizeable portion of your eggs out of Google's fickle basket and moving them elsewhere. There's a whole world of social media, search engines and other sites and services out there that could easily sustain you and your business, even if Google didn't exist at all. Be proactive on all these sites, publish content, be social, get the word about your business out and you can see that diversifying is really the only way around being successful in the current times of search engine optimization uncertainty.
The simple advice therefore is to make 2014 the year in which you finally cut the apron strings and do the safety and stability of your business a favor by not being 100% dependent on Google. It's not healthy to be totally at the mercy of another in any area of your life - your business is certainly no exception. Use all other ways to get exposure and gain the peace of mind that you and your business really deserve to have and enjoy. It's as simple as that.

Author Bio:
John Baron authored this guest post. He's a search engine marketing specialist at iSolutions Media, a company that helps businesses who outsource SEO. To date, John has helped hundreds of small businesses win more clients through search engine optimization.
Posted By: Stuart Prada

Google Says Jump - Do You Ask 'How High?'


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