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How to Use Social Media to Increase Website Traffic

How To Use Social Media to Increase Website Traffic
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For some small businesses, the social media world can be a little bit intimidating. With a plethora of social networking sites blossoming in the mold of Facebook, the number of options for social media campaigning can be somewhat overwhelming.

Still, social media has become an important tool for businesses and individuals everywhere looking to improve their website's traffic. Sites like Facebook, Twitter, and Google+ can allow websites to expand their communities and increase visibility for their content, so it's worthwhile to work on social media efforts for improving website traffic.

Increase Your Site's Visibility

One of the biggest benefits to building a presence on social media sites is that those accounts allow you to boost your site's visibility. Participating in the many social media communities out there can be a great way to make more people aware of your site.

Develop and operate accounts on the social media sites that make the most sense for your website. Facebook is the king of the social media world, but do some research into the benefits that other sites can offer. Google+, for example, allows you to easily set up discussion forums and share a variety of content with specified groups of followers. Twitter is better for informal communication and link sharing. Instagram is ideal if you can offer strong visuals to your community of followers.

Above all, your social media accounts should be an extension of your brand, so operate your accounts accordingly.

Provide Quality Content

Social media isn't just about promoting your website. The social media community is a savvy one, meaning that your followers will recognize when you are simply trying to promote yourself without providing any benefit to them.

That's where quality content comes in. Make sure that the content you produce for your site is strong, but also mix in some other types of content for your feeds. Share a variety of content types, and also mix in content that is not directly related to your site. Linking to interesting or funny articles, photos, and videos that are produced by other websites can be a good way to attract followers to your feeds. When you do that, more people will pay attention when you provide links to your own content.

While you should limit your promotional material, you can include special offers and contests that give your followers some tangible benefits for following your social media feeds.

Update Your Feeds Frequently

A key to making the most of social media for improving traffic is to keep your social media accounts active. Keep in mind that social media efforts are not one-time or short-term campaigns. Social media efforts require continued activity, so make sure you prepare yourself to be able to update your accounts frequently.

A good way to do this is to consider choosing your template from the premium wordPress templates that promote social media activity. Some templates include built-in social media features, making it easy for you and your readers to share the content that you post on your blog.

In addition, set up a schedule for yourself so that you take your social media efforts seriously. Make sure you have content to post and share regularly, but don't limit your activity to only times when you are sharing your own content. Return to your feeds periodically so that you can participate in the conversation and converse with your followers.

The worst thing you can do is start strong and fade away after a short period of time. Building up a following takes time, so make sure you put in enough effort using social to improve traffic.

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Anny Solway is a dedicated writer at ThemeFuse – a leader in the Premium WordPress Themes area. She likes to discover new ideas about internet marketing, social media and blogging.
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How to Use Social Media to Increase Website Traffic

Wednesday, January 22, 2014

iPhone 5S vs Nexus 5 Smartphone Comparison Review

The iPhone 5S is the Apple's best ever made smartphone, whereas the Google's Nexus 5 is also a good choice. Well, we are here to compare the devices, though we know the answer, yet lets check the technical views of both the handsets.

iPhone 5S vs Nexus 5: Software reviews

We all know both the phones have totally different OS, all we can say is that Android 4.4 KitKat vs iOS 7 is a conundrum. Both are the latest and updated versions, where Android 4.4 KitKat offers you a great well managed features such as a full mode and a lot improvement in across calling, messaging, audio playback, search and many more and talking about iOS 7, it has handy control center, a better multi-tasking and an overhaul, with its design and feel.

Nexus 5 vs iPhone 5S: Display

The Nexus 5 has a bigger screen than that of iPhone 5S display. Nexus 5 has 4.95 inch in comparison to 4 inch iPhone 5S, and all that results in the handy web browsing, watching videos and gaming and that too with Android 4.4 KitKat's new full-screen mode.

If we move to the resolution then the iPhone 5S sticks to the earlier 640x1136 Retina quality display where as Nexus 5 is much higher with Full HD 1080x1920, that means Google's Nexus 5 has a density pixel of 445ppi against the iphone's 326ppi. However, iPhone narrow display works quiet well in the landscape mode as a widescreen.

Nexus 5 vs iPhone 5S: Specifications & Performance

Both the smartphones have the best possible hardware. The iPhone 5S has a Apple's A7 chip-set which is the first 64-bit processor to be introduced into smartphone along with it has M7 motion Co-Processor due to which in SunSpider 1.0, the iPhone 5S completed the test in just 417ms and in Greekbench 3 it manages a score of 1.076.

Google and Lg have opted for the Qualcomm Snapdragon 800 chip, a 2.3GHz quard-core processor, for Nexus 5 along with the 2GB of RAM. The specs of Nexus 5 introduces to Greekbench 3 score of 2800, and a SunSpider times of 801ms.

Nexus 5 vs iPhone 5S: Design & Build-In

The Nexus 5 has a bigger screen than the iPhone 5S. However both are slender and light but the iPhone 5S wins on measurements, where it has 7.6 mm and 112gm which means it thinner and lighter than that of the Nexus 5 which has 8.6 mm and 130 gm.

Iphone is made with aluminium and glass and is more fragile than the Nexus 5. However, the Nexus 5 is a much more robust device, you don't need a case and it comes in white and black, where as the iPhone 5S comes in silver, grey and golden.

Nexus 5 vs iPhone 5S: Cameras & Storage

Both the handsets, Nexus 5 and iPhone 5S have a 8MP rear-facing cameras, however with different features. The iPhone 5S offers a 'True Tone' flash and backside illumination sensor where as Nexus 5 provides optical image stabilization and a HDR+ mode. Both the handsets shoot videos at 1080p. If we look at the front facing cameras than Nexus has a slight edge with the 1080p from its 1.3MP where as iPhone 5S has 1.2MP which is limited to 720p.

Storage is so important for any device, as it stores a lots of music, apps, videos and games. Well, both Nexus 5 and iPhone 5S don't have a microSD card slot for a extra memory card. However, Nexus 5 has both 16GB and 32GB handsets same as iPhone 5S but iPhone 5s also have a larger 64GB model, too.

Our Verdict

As we have said in the beginning, we have our answer and no doubt, the iPhone 5S is the best smartphone Apple has ever made, however the only thing would create difficulty is the price so, if its all about money then Nexus 5 would be the best deal else we'd always choose the iPhone 5S.

Author Bio:

Born in Bristol UK, Christy Root is a professional writer currently based in London and contributor at PrePayMania. Christy began writing for small business in the few years back. It wasn’t long before the two worlds merged and writing about Gadget & technology. You can follow her at Google+.
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iPhone 5S vs Nexus 5 Smartphone Comparison Review

Thursday, January 2, 2014

Google Says Jump - Do You Ask 'How High?'

Google Says Jump - Do You Ask How High?
If a person or a business already has way too much power, what's the worst thing in the world you can do? Of course, the answer is 'give them even more power' as to do so is to just make the problem worse by far. This is exactly the problem being faced by millions of businesses the world over when it comes to that old-favorite Google - we're guilty of moaning that Google has grown too big for its boots but at the same time it's all of us that give the firm its power.

This poses a rather large dilemma for the SEO professionals of the world as in order to get by in a world obsessed with Google, you of course have to make sure you fare well in its favors. But here's the thing – what happens to you and your business if said SEO outsource pros are unable to win over Google and thus tap into its market? Or on other words, are you risking all of your eggs in one highly fragile basket that's not even in your control? That is an important point to consider. A point that can see your online business survive or be shattered in a very short time.

A Fine Line

The problem is that no matter how well you think you are doing in the eyes of the powers that be, you have really no idea. One day you could be right at the top of the rankings and the next could bring a change to Google's indexation service and there you go… right to the bottom of the list once again. And it wouldn't be so bad if we could at least see what was coming next or when to expect it, but we can't and we won't… ever.

Even worse still, once you've been banished to the rankings depths for any or no given reason there's little to no chance of you ever getting your prior glory back. Google has a habit of adding insult to injury by blacklisting those that fail to fall in line, which means that once you've been put in your place, it's your place for good. Given these kinds of risks, it's little wonder that so many are willing to jump when Google tell them to and pretty much live their lives on a knife's edge. But is this how it should really be? Isn't there anything the webmasters around the world can do and avoid such risky behavior?

And the Answer?

There is however a solution and one that brings the kind of peace of mind most will never, ever experience. It's simply a case of taking at least a sizeable portion of your eggs out of Google's fickle basket and moving them elsewhere. There's a whole world of social media, search engines and other sites and services out there that could easily sustain you and your business, even if Google didn't exist at all. Be proactive on all these sites, publish content, be social, get the word about your business out and you can see that diversifying is really the only way around being successful in the current times of search engine optimization uncertainty.
The simple advice therefore is to make 2014 the year in which you finally cut the apron strings and do the safety and stability of your business a favor by not being 100% dependent on Google. It's not healthy to be totally at the mercy of another in any area of your life - your business is certainly no exception. Use all other ways to get exposure and gain the peace of mind that you and your business really deserve to have and enjoy. It's as simple as that.

Author Bio:
John Baron authored this guest post. He's a search engine marketing specialist at iSolutions Media, a company that helps businesses who outsource SEO. To date, John has helped hundreds of small businesses win more clients through search engine optimization.
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Google Says Jump - Do You Ask 'How High?'

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High PR Profile Creation Sites List 2014 - Top 30 High Page Rank Sites

Here is the Top 30 High PR Profile Creation Sites list to get quality backlinks for your website. Please share it with your friends and followers.

High PR Profile Creation Sites List 2014 PR 8 PR 8 PR 7 PR 7 PR 7 PR 6 PR 6 PR 6 PR 6 PR 6 PR 6 PR 6 PR 6 PR 6 PR 6 PR 6 PR 6 PR 6 PR 6 PR 4 PR 6 PR 6 PR 6 PR 6 PR 5 PR 5 PR 5 PR 5 PR 5 PR 5

If you have more then please share in comments, I'll add it in this list after. If you want to contribute on this blog then please click here.
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High PR Profile Creation Sites List 2014 - Top 30 High Page Rank Sites

Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Need A Waterproof Phone? Here Are The Top 3 Compared

Waterproof Phone - Sony Xperia Z

Maybe you love kayaking, or maybe you are just a little clumsy, but if you are looking for a waterproof phone, there are actually some great, high end smartphone choices for you. In this article we are telling you what you need to look for in a waterproof mobile and giving you three great, top end choices to take a look at.

Why Go for a Waterproof Phone?

A waterproof phone is a great choice for many reasons. If you love the outdoors, kayaking, canoeing, swimming, a waterproof mobile is obviously going to be of great benefit to you. Even if you simply need to take your phone to the beach, you might want to look into waterproof models just in case. Then there are users who often work outside, maybe on building sites, for example, who will appreciate a phone which they do not need to worry about in the rain.

Older rugged, waterproof phones used to be big compromises. You could have a waterproof device, but you would have to settle for a very basic phone. Fortunately, these days there are some very high end models to choose from, so you do not need to compromise on performance just to get a waterproof mobile.

What to Look For

If you are looking for a waterproof phone then you will need to look for a device which has an IP rating. You can read more about the details of IP ratings here. This should be listed in the specs of a model and will consist of the letters IP followed by two numbers. The first number will vary between zero and six and will tell you how dust proof a phone is, the second number is the one that will concern you.

The second number tells you how waterproof a phone is and goes from zero (not at all waterproof) to nine (waterproof even under strong jets of water such as fire hoses). Most waterproof phones will be either 7 (waterproof up to one metre in depth for up to thirty minutes) or 8 (waterproof for depths over one metre for longer than thirty minutes).

The Sony Xperia Z1

The Sony Xperia Z1 is the absolute top of the line when it comes to waterproof smartphones. It has got more features and higher specs than any other model, though of course, it is the most expensive phone on today's list. It is well worth paying for though, since you get an incredible phone which just so happens to also be waterproof.

The Xperia Z1 has an absolutely huge quad core 2.2 GHz processor plus a full 2 GB of RAM, so it is one of the fastest and most powerful phones on the market, bar none. It has a full five inch touch screen with high resolution for amazing viewing. On top of that, you get a brilliant 20 MP camera, as well as a 2 MP front facing camera.

You will get 16 GB of internal memory, as well as an SD card slot for up to 64 GB of external memory. The Xperia Z1 is running Android 4.2 Jelly Bean, though it will accept a 4.4 Kit Kat upgrade. Finally, it is IP58 certified, so you are good in water over a metre deep for longer than thirty minutes.

The Sony Xperia Z1 will cost you around £550, but it is a stunning phone and definitely the best around.

The Samsung Galaxy S4 Active

Going for the Samsung Galaxy S4 Active might not be a bad idea either, since it has also got some pretty top of the line specs on it. It is a little cheaper than the Xperia Z1, but it is still an awesome waterproof phone choice.

There is a quad core 1.9 GHz processor and 2 GB of RAM, so not quite as powerful as the Xperia, but still pretty snappy. Screen size is, again, a good five inches, and it has Gorilla Glass too, so it is shatter proof. Camera specs are not too amazing, there is a regular 8 MP camera, but you still get the 2 MP front facing cam.

Again, you get 16 GB of internal memory, plus that SD card slot for up to 64 GB of extra storage, and the Galaxy also runs Android 4.2 Jelly Bean. This time you are IP67 certified, so you are good in water up to a metre deep for up to thirty minutes.

The Samsung Galaxy S4 Active will cost you around five hundred pounds, so it is not a bad deal at all.

The Sony Xperia Z

Finally, the Sony Xperia Z is a slightly older model than the Xperia Z1 (only by around six months though), but giving up a few top end specs does mean that you still get a great phone just for a more affordable price.
The Xperia Z “only” has a quad core 1.5 GHz processor, though there is still 2 GB of RAM, so it is the slowest phone on the list, but this is still a very powerful processor. There is a solid five inch screen with shatter proof and scratch resistant glass along with a nice 13 MP camera too, so it is better than the Samsung, and still a 2 MP front facing cam.

Internal memory specs are the same 16 GB with up to 64 GB on SD card, and the Z runs Android 4.1 Jelly Bean, but again will take that 4.4 Kit Kat upgrade no problem. You get IP57 certification this time, so you are good in depths of up to a metre for up to thirty minutes.

You are looking at paying about £480 for the Sony Xperia Z, which means that you will be saving some cash whilst still getting a great smartphone, and you are not compromising too much either. The processor might be slower, but it is still faster than that found on many a top end model these days, so that should not be a concern.

Just because you are looking for a waterproof phone does not mean that you should settle for anything less than a great smartphone, and this list just goes to show that there are some very powerful and high end choices out there.

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When his wife asked about a waterproof phone, Phil Turner looked online on sites such as uSwitch for deals and comparisons.
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Need A Waterproof Phone? Here Are The Top 3 Compared

Tuesday, December 17, 2013

The Benefits of Upgrading Your iPhone

The Benefits of Upgrading Your iPhone
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For those who don't own an iPhone, they don't understand the thrill that accompanies announcements about new upgrades. The excitement over the latest iPhone 5S and 5C wasn't just a hype, it was genuine joy and anticipation expressed by average consumers. Upgrading to the latest version can seem excessive, but there are some actual great reasons and benefits for doing so.

Operating Systems

Apple proved in 2013 that they weren't too old school to update their operating systems. In September they released iOS 7 and the world rejoiced. Unfortunately, users on some of the older iPhone models noticed difficulties with the newer operating system. If you want to stay on the cutting edge of Apple technology, you need all of your gadgets to stay up to date at the same time.


One exciting feature of the latest iPhones is the diverse color options. To some this may seem dull but for others the news came like Christmas ten times over. While it's still smart to have a cover for your iPhone, there doesn't need to be as much debate on color. Your iPhone can set you apart, differing from the same boring white color as everyone else. Further iPhone updates are promising to further diversify the iPhone's appearance for user's delight.


With every iPhone update there is always an upgrade not just in appearance but in speed as well. The new 2013 models sport better processors and longer battery life. This allows you to use your iPhone faster and longer than ever before. Each update promises even more special specs than the models before it did.


Each new iPhone has provided a better camera than the last. The latest version is no exception. It features better flash, image stabilization, and lens cover. Of course, for each iPhone there is room for improvement and each new model promises better picture and video quality than the model before.

Touch Screens

The latest iPhone update gave a completely new feature to users with a fingerprint sensor. This sensor allows the owner to unlock their phone with the touch of a finger rather than entering a password. Not only does this provide a security update, it also saves the user some time. There is still room for improvement on this technology and Apple proves to be at the forefront of developing it. Who knows what the future could hold for them?

If you're letting the price of a new iPhone hold you back, never fear. There is always the option of selling your old phone to pay for part of it. If the money isn't too much of a factor, consider donating your older phone to a worthy cause. Cell phone recycling programs are an additional way to get rid of a broken phone or one that you just don't want anymore. No matter how or when you upgrade your iPhone, show off your new gadget and use it to do the things you love.

Author Bio:
Theo Schmidt has an interest in computer science and engineering, and he uses that interest to fuel his blogging. For more information on cell phone recycling, visit the STS Electronic Recycling website.
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The Benefits of Upgrading Your iPhone


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