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Apps Your Android Phone Deserves After You successfully Root It

It feels so exciting and refreshing to be finally able to root your android device. For such a device, the options are limitless and if you cannot wait to dive into the sea of online apps and other services made available at your disposal, please do go through our list of 5 apps that you must download right after rooting your phone. These apps will ensure higher and more efficient backup and performance of your phone and will enable you to draw the best out of the potential of your smart phone device.

Top 5 Apps to Download After Rooting Your Android Device

1. ROM Manager
ROM Manager App for Android

Right after rooting their phone, any android user will definitely enjoy the features provided by ROM Manager. This app allows the users to combat flashing ROMs, back up the device for a later use and also download the modified version of applications belonging to the system. No matter what you would like to do next with you android after rooting it, this app will make the process smooth as a breeze.

2. LMT Launcher
LMT Launcher app for Android

An amazing launcher to have in place, LMT provides you with almost instantaneous access to any file or folder which may exist on your phone. It also makes available a herd of customizable gestures for your smart phone device and also provides you with a number of swipe areas which are kept invisible and trigger the launch of apps specified previously. To download this fabulous app, you may visit the forums for XDA developers or go through the instruction manuals from its official download page. The reason why we are fretting about the download is because this platform is not supported by all of the devices and hence you might want to check its compatibility with the device that you are currently using.

3. Network Log
Network Log App for Android

For all the users who oftentimes try but fail to keep a tab on the internet data their phones use are going to thank us for sharing this app with them. Network log is an amazing app to have in place for keeping a strict tab on the amounts of data usage as it provides you with thorough information regarding each of the apps using the data or the band width on your device. And in addition to that, the app also enables you to view the same under various graphs and charts and if you are really obsessed about keeping the data usage under control, and weeding out the notorious elements that have come to inhabit your phone, the app also provides you with live updating notification. What more can you possibly ask for from the app dedicated towards streamlining and optimizing the data usage to their phones?

4. Root Explorer
Root Explorer App For Android

Giving the basic and elementary levels of file management a break, we have root explorer, an amazing app which allows you to reach to the lengths of anything that you may have in the backend storage and also allows you to proactively and profoundly administer the entire system. For efficient management of your android devices, you would not want to miss out on this app.

Root explorer is just one of the many blessings that come along with rooting your smart phone device.

5. Titanium Backup
Titanium Backup App For Android

Titanium Backup is the ultimate app available for backing up the data. Ever single file and piece of content in your android gets a back up with this app and hence this is the best tool to use, if you were to migrate your phone to a different deployment system, format it or even generally.

Once you have rooted your device, there is not dearth of options. Should you have any problems with the same or require efficient android and iPhone development services consider contacting a company providing cost effective and technically sound offshore mobile development services.

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Apps Your Android Phone Deserves After You successfully Root It


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