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Will the iPhone 5C and iPhone 5S Replace Console Gaming?

iPhone 5C and iPhone 5S

IPhone 5S and iPhone 5C have both been greatly expected by the public, and surprisingly they present lots of interesting features. The large screen and the tech equipment make these devices perfect for sorts of games and videos watching experience. The Apple App Store is filled with amazing games and apps, thus each user will be able to enjoy a fine gaming experience.

However, as powerful as these Smartphones may be, they're far from being console-killers. Indeed, they enable users to play lots exciting games with excellent graphics and soundtracks, but the overall gaming experience doesn't even compare with what consoles can offer.

If you're not convinced this is true, take a look at the latest iPhone 5. It's great looking and powerful, hence it appears to be the perfect device. Apple made some bold statements regarding iPhone 5's gaming services. The company said that the device has the same quality as a console. The affirmation amazed Apple fans and console users from all over the world, and made them wonder if iPhone 5S and 5C are really going to defeat consoles.

Is it possible for iPhone 5C and 5S to replace game consoles? 

Officially, iPhone 5 sounds amazing. It uses Apple's latest A6 chip, has a 4-inch screen, and it uses graphics of 1136-by-640 pixels. In contrast, the PS Vita's screen has 5 inches and a resolution of 960-by-544. Nintendo's 3DS has 88-by-240 pixels in the stereoscopic mode. Apple argues that iPhone's newest processor is extremely fast and that the device has the same gaming power as an Xbox.

After making these statements, Apple dedicated several minutes of a press conference to a racing game. It intended to show the public how wonderful games look on iPhone 5C and iPhone 5S. The move was strange for a corporation that used to treat games like a necessary evil, rather than an upside. Unfortunately, the demo was far from being satisfactory, at least from the standpoint of a console fan. In their opinion the gaming experience offered by iPhone 5S and iPhone 5C is far from resembling the gaming experience on consoles such as PS4 and Xbox. Anyhow, the company's efforts should be appreciated. It's struggling to offer fine graphics and great games to players from all over the world. Sadly, they're still far from competing with popular consoles.

As far as price is concerned, in the United States the iPhone 5S will be sold with $199 with a contract, which places the device closely to the $299 Shield and $99 Ouya, but way under the popular $499 Xbox One and $399 PS4. Still, unsubsidized iPhone 5S is not such a great deal, considering that its 16GB version starts from $649.

Future expectations 

General content like movies, applications, and games generates huge sales. This applies to Smartphones too; there's nothing shocking in the success of App Store and Apple's iTunes. The company currently holds approximately 13% of the handset market worldwide and there are countless developers who earn plenty of money by designing iOS apps. Now there are more than 100,000 different games in the iOS. Most of them are cheaper to develop and purchase than the medium $60 console game. Not to mention that around the globe, more people own smartphones than consoles.

Although a gaming experience on iPhone 5S or iPhone 5C doesn't compare with playing games on a console, the inevitable might just happen several years from now. Price points and market size clearly show that smartphones are slowly transforming into a key gaming platform and they may overcome consoles. Despite the PS4 and Xbox One consoles are much more powerful than iPhone 5C and 5S, the change may still take place. Apple's ultimate architecture means phones are now 64-bit. Basically, they're just as powerful as some of the best desktop PCs. Therefore, what could stop them from becoming better than consoles?

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Will the iPhone 5C and iPhone 5S Replace Console Gaming?


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