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Top WhatsApp Competitors You Should Try

Top WhatsApp Compititors

WhatsApp is quite popular among the smartphone users, who look for an easy and cheap way to communicate with their friends and family. This messaging app can be used across all platforms; iOS, Android, Windows and BlackBerry. Recently, various apps have been introduced in the market, which can be used as alternatives for WhatsApp. Some of the most popular are discussed below:

1. ChatON

ChatOn is WhatsApp’s biggest rival when it comes to its functions and outlook. This app is specifically made for Samsung smartphones, although there are versions for iOS, BlackBerry and Windows phones present in the market. You can text message, send images and animated pictures through this app – just like WhatsApp – but its better looking than the latter.

2. Skype

Now under the banner of Microsoft, Skype has been used for communication for over considerable number of years. This could be perfect alternative for WhatsApp, if it did not charge money for making calls to landline and every SMS you make via Skype. However, this app has no history of malware threats unlike WhatsApp spy software. Skype is also compatible with all platforms present.

3. Facebook Messenger
Although Facebook Messenger is not a direct competitor of WhatApp messenger, but due to its increasing popularity, we decided to add this app in our list. As the name shows, this is the messenger app of the largest social media network; allowing the user to connect with all our friends in a given time. Recently, the messenger has added the option for call and video chat, making it a more popular choice among smartphone users.

4. Viber

Viber and WhatsApp are quite similar in functions. Viber offers its users free SMS and calls. Although the app boasts off 50 million users, but its service quality does not match with WhatsApp. One would hardly listen about messages being delayed on WhatsApps – unless the user is not connected with the internet. Viber, on the other hand delay messages and the call usually drops several times.

5. Google Talk

Like Skype and c, Google Talk is not a direct competitor of WhatsApp. However, Google Talk offers several services which WhatsApp fails to provide to its users. First of all, you can text chat with the contacts added to your Google Talk. Messages can be sent while the contact is offline. Users can also send instant messages and transfer heavy files and images. Video and voice call are also offered free of cost in Google Talk – new users of Google Talk would need to install the calling service from the settings once in the beginning. Moreover, you can integrate your Gmail contacts with Google Talk and stay connected with them at all times.

6. GroupMe

GroupMe is an effective messaging app, which allows the user to send messages to more than one contact at a given time. Through this app, you can message via internet and in case your internet connection is poor, the app would deliver your message in from of an SMS. This way your messages are sent to your contact without delays.
Posted By: Stuart Prada

Top WhatsApp Competitors You Should Try


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