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Top Technology For Your 2013 Christmas List

When it comes to Christmas, the latest technology often plays a big part in some of the most exciting presents around. Millions of lists all over the world will have at least a couple of gadgets and gismos on them as we all try to feed our habit for things that make us say 'wow, that's cool.'

Technology is everywhere nowadays and you can be sure that come December it will have made its way into even more shop window displays and plenty of online virtual baskets before, hopefully, finding its way to the bottom of your tree.

So what can we expect to be this year's big sellers and which piece of technology is going to put a smile on your face this Christmas morning?

Samsung Smartwatch –
Samsung Smartwatch Top Technology 2013

It seems that a number of the biggest players in the technology industry have all realized simultaneously that it's time we had a watch that could do tricks. Both Sony and Samsung have followed in the footsteps of the crowd-funded Pebble watch and there are very strong rumors that Apple are set to do the same in 2014.
But why wait until then when Samsung have already brought to market a great piece of tech that's making everyone wonder just what they did before they could receive text messages and Facebook notifications straight to their wrist.

Samsung may have been a bit selfish in only making this watch compatible with their own brand of phones but if, like so many people have, you have already been converted to the Galaxy club then this is just the next step. This device has also gone one better than the Pebble with its S voice feature that allows you to reply directly to texts and even take calls; just like a character from a 70s sci-fi film.

Withings Pulse –
Withings Pulse Top Technology for 2013

Wearable technology is everywhere at the moment and soon we are all going to be able to cover our whole bodies in gadgets that all have a different function. The Withings Pulse is the latest piece of wearable tech for fitness fanatics and is sure to be on every gym goer's Christmas list this year.

This particular E-trainer seems to be in better shape than a lot of the others out there for a number of different reasons. Firstly, is light. Just eight grams to be exact, which is exactly what you want from something that you are going to have attached to you while you do your best to burn those calories. And if you are burning them then you are going to want to know exactly how many you have used up; something else the Witherings Pulse does with ease.

It also maps your heart rate, records your sleep patterns and lets you track all of these measurements as you progress along your journey to increased fitness.

Amazon Kindle Fire HDX –
Amazon Kindle Fire HDX - Top Technology of 2013

After great success in the world of E-Readers, Amazon has since moved into the world of tablets and has just announced their latest addition to this range. The Kindle Fire HDX is a seven inch tablet and has been released in perfect time for Christmas to do battle with both the Google Nexus 7 and the rumoured second incarnation of the IPad Mini.

Although Amazon's latest creation has come under a bit of, excuse the pun, fire for the way it looks and feels; there are plenty of great features that will place it firmly at the top of your wish list. Most notably, there's the new Mayday feature which is perfect for anyone who is perhaps unfamiliar with the way that a tablet and other technology of this kind works. It allows you to connect to a free support service whereby a member of the tech team will facetime with you and talk you through any problems you are experiencing.

Other plus points include an improved OS, which has been named Fire OS 3.0, and further advancements in their unique X-ray feature which brings up interesting bios and facts when you are watching films and TV programs. All in all it's a great device for someone who isn't perhaps up to speed with the idea of a tablet and who places more emphasis on content reading than downloading the latest and greatest applications.

Whichever gadgets are included on your Christmas list this year, one thing for certain is that tech companies and technology PR agencies, like this, will be working hard to create as much exposure for the products that we are all excited about. But as to which one will be poking out of your stocking come Christmas morning? That's something you'll have to take up with the big guy in the red suit.

Author Bio:
Chris Mayhew is a big technology fan and will definitely be hoping for something shiny and new to play with on Christmas day this year. He would recommend that any tech companies looking for an agency to carry out PR on their behalf check out the Eclat Marketing website.
Posted By: Stuart Prada

Top Technology For Your 2013 Christmas List


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