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How to Recover from Google Penguin 2.1 Algorithm Update?

How to Recover from Google Penguin 2.1

Google Penguin, what is it?

This article is concerned on giving out to the reader the tactics to follow if the said Google Penguin 2.1 has hit them either believed to be by mistake or genuinely hit!

The concerns are rose or tips provided since plenty of the clients are struggling to make it clear to themselves on what ways to use on the rise of Google's penguin updates?

Therefore a Penguin update that was launched on 24th April year 2012 was an alteration of Google search results made and designed to teach those pages that do spam on Google, a lesson! Hence:

A spam: are the acts people apply on things like cloaking or even Keyword stuffing and therefore, violating Google's guidelines!

Google Penguin: Therefore, is a code term for an update based on a Google Algorithm launched 1st on 24th April year 2012. This update was targeting on diminishing the search engine rated top on websites that continually violated Guidelines placed by Google's Webmaster. The updates to the mentioned Algorithm are affected by Google opposite to PageRank and the decrease was to be enhanced using some grand approaches of lately announced SEO's Black-hat techniques that artificially increases the webpage ranking through manipulating the number of links adhere ring to the page. In simple terms, these tactics are well known as link schemes!

The effects of Penguin on Google search results:

Basing facts from Google estimates, the penguin update affects approximately three point one percent of the search issues in the language of English, three percent of the issues in Arabic, Chinese, and Germany languages and finally a bigger percentage of them in those languages classified highly spammed.

After Penguin update was released two days later, Google prepared a feedback form to cater for two categories of users:

1. Those users who thought that their site were unfairly hit by the update, and

2. Those users who wanted to report the highly ranking web page that still stood after the search Algorithm alteration.

Seventy thousands sites were also considered by Google using a reconsideration form referred to Google Webmaster tools!

Tips to follow in order to recover from the hit of Google Penguin 2.1 Algorithm update:

First it is wise for the reader before doing anything else to effectively determine whether their site was actually hit. It is simple and advisable to run some search to locate whether the site is gone or assume the worst. This is because currently there is no way a user can log-in and recognize the hit from Penguin update even with Google reporting some of the spamming offences using Google Webmaster central.

Therefore, the users should have look at their search-related traffic from Google immediately after 4th Oct year 2013 and investigate whether there was a major drop comparing with one or two days before the update. If there was a drop, then automatically the user was hit! But if there was a rise, the user probably benefited from the Penguin. If no changes noted, that means that the Penguin update had no impact on the user's site.

With the full knowledge of one's status as far as Penguin update hit is concerned, then the affected can therefore follow the following steps:

  1. A user in possession of links from several sites that are not related, the likes of directories, should either try to get some extra ones that are from related sites or do away with some. A user overall sites should be of a minimum of twenty percent of those links from websites that are related.
  2. Affected users possessing large number of keyword coming in should vary their keywords and mix their URL and brand term in the links. Brand-based or non-keyword should be of a rate of twenty percent of keyword links.
  3. Careful steps should be carried by those users doing sponsored links! Any sponsored links should be done away with especially those without text description beside them. Content-text website links should be preferred since they are far much better! Also any links from footers should be removed or be cancelled.
  4. Penguin just like Panda, only runs periodically thus it could take time to recover their rankings. Otherwise, the above alterations should be enhanced slowly and few days be patiently waited to gauge if the previous rankings will return before continuing.
  5. Those who conduct their own SEOs can possibly have clues which links are low in quality and the approach they can take towards it. However, if a user is a new and don't have an idea how to analyse their backlinks, they should try Majestic SEO or SEO Moz. This two offer free analysis that is limited. Premium version is better for analysing several website or for extra detailed analysis.
  6. For those who use SEO firms, they should be able to get link report that is somehow rich in details to view exactly what their SEO firm conducts its activities. However, there are several number of SEO firms are dishonest to their clients and refuse them the link reports. If such firms refuse a user the information required by them, it means they do hide things that they would not want the user from discovering the likes of black hat tactics or that they have little to show them! Therefore, in such a case, the user should cancel their services immediately. 

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How to Recover from Google Penguin 2.1 Algorithm Update?


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