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Transcribing Video Content Is Crucial For SEO

Having your video content transcribed is crucial if you want searches to pick up on it. The hard work and amazingly developed content in the videos you make won't be recognized in the same way if they aren't transcribed. SEO's understand the importance of video transcribing to get their content found but search engines are not able to read audio media files yet. This means that having your videos transcribed is important, but usually tends to be expensive. Since video transcribing is crucial, here are three cheap options you can use to get your video content transcribed without breaking your bank.
Transcribing Video Content Is Crucial For SEO

Transcribing Services

An option that is becoming more common is using inexpensive audio media transcribing services. There are transcribing services like Rev or Speaker text that charge only one or two dollars a minute, instead of the usual five dollars or more. Prices depend on the length of the video but some services only charge a dollar or two so that you can get a short audio file transcribed for really cheap. Another component when calculating the price is dependent on the length of time you give them to do the work. If you need it back in less than two days that will cost you more than if you are able to get it in a week's time. This is a great option if your company has a little money to spend and does not have to worry about any priority deadlines. Another cheap tip is to use the “free trial” that some of these websites use to get customers. You can get short five minute video transcribed if you don't mind signing up for free trials every time you need to upload a video.


This isn't my first choice but if you're looking for an incredibly cheap option this may work for you. After posting your video onto YouTube check your settings, there's an icon that looks like a word document and if you click on it, you can see your transcript. This is completely free but not the most highly recommended because you have to talk incredibly clear and concise for it to accurately transcribe the audio file. Make sure that if you do choose this option that you are checking the transcripts and be ready to fix any mistakes or words that shouldn't belong. This method involves thoroughly double checking any video that is uploaded because of the sometimes inconsistent  transcripts.


If you rarely need to have your videos transcribed or the ones you do put up are short, you can start a DIY transcribing project. Doing it yourself will be time consuming, but it will most importantly be completely free. This will work best for small companies that don't have a lot of money to spend on SEO but understand the importance of transcribing their video content. If you make sure to create short videos, or videos that aren't unnecessarily weighed down by lengthy content this could work for you.

So now you know a few ways to transcribe the audio on video content to improve your SEO,

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Transcribing Video Content Is Crucial For SEO


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