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The IPhone 6 - When Will It Launch And What Will It Look Like?

The iPhone 5 smashed on to the market with 5 million sales in just 3 days, and around 45 million sales in a quarter. It was one of the fastest, if not the fastest selling phone in history. It was met by consumer delight and critic dismay. Critics stated that Apple hadn't innovated as far as it should have and that there were some serious issues with the operating system compared to Android. It is interesting to see the phone’s success in light of the significant analyst criticism.

The iPhone 6 looks to be a pivotal phone for the iPhone series. With so many consumers having automatically chosen the iPhone 5, Apple had incredible brand loyalty, but do they still have it? Only time will tell whether more consumers will shop around cutting in to the 20% market share that Apple currently enjoys.
iPhone 6 Release Date

The iPhone 6 launch 2014

We only have rumors at the moment, but according to Peter Misek, a very well-known and lead analyst from Jefferies and Company, the phone will come around mid-2014. Misek has stated that Apple are struggling with development and manufacturing, and that this will delay the release and could even force the price up beyond what Apple had originally intended. The production levels required for an iPhone release are amazing and certain bottlenecks in the manufacturer process certainly could be a problem.

Misek says, for example that TSMC, the company that Apple use to make chips will struggle with the production requirements of the processors. Misek states that there will also be problems developing the Oled or IGZ technology that looks to replace the Intel LCD Screen. The manufacturing again could be a problem.

The operating system is also looking to get a complete overhaul and revamp, and this is going to take time.

iPhone 5S and a budget iPhone

There are more rumors that iPhone is to release iPhone 5S over the coming months and also a budget iPhone to appeal to the mid-range or even budget market.

Certainly, Apple cannot wait until the middle of 2014 for the next release. They will simply be out of the market by then with the pace of technology advancement and all the new phones that are coming onto the market. Certainly, people are looking at other options more these days and we have an increasingly tech savvy consumer base that are getting to know what they like and this could spell disaster for iPhone if there is  a long wait for the next release.

Samsung Galaxy S4

With the Samsung Galaxy S4 coming over the next month or two, some analysts are predicting that a hundred million handsets will be produced. With Samsung such a super power, they are certainly the major contender to the Apple iPhone series. A good release now could be timely considering the amount of negative attention that Apple have had over recent times.

A summary of what we guess the iPhone 6 will look like

We are expecting an Apple iPhone 6 that will have a 4.8 inch screen that stretches close to the sides. The display will dominate the phone and will retain its skinny nature around 7mm. It will be light and will also retain the iconic Apple look. They will be available in black and white. It will have a four or even eight-core processor, and because of increased screen size, they will include new technology to cater for the dimensional demands.

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Phil Turner is looking to buy a new phone and has looked at the iPhone. Unfortunately he is limited by the poor network coverage where he lives and is limited as to which networks he can look for deals on.
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The IPhone 6 - When Will It Launch And What Will It Look Like?


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