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Looking For A Phone That Makes Everything Simple? Try The HTC Sensation

HTC are really coming into prominence these days on the smartphone market, with their excellent range of Android and Windows phone devices that cover just about every area of the market in terms of price and design. One of their most talked about phones, which certainly helped raise their profile above competitors like LG, was the HTC Sensation which was launched in 2011. With a few upgrades, allowing it to run the latest form of the HTC Sense UI with Android's Ice Cream Sandwich build, the HTC Sensation is still going strong. In this article we will look at what makes this phone special, and whether it will prove to be a mobile phone that you have been looking for,  if your in the market for a new Android device.
HTC Sensation
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Convenient And Flexible User Experience

While users tend to have their own priorities when it comes to phones, depending on what they use them for most and how much they value things like the device's physical design and the standard of the camera, every phone user wants their phone to be easy to use and to make the things they do most simple. The HTC Sensation is a phone that does this really well, largely thanks to the HTC Sense user interface. The name “Sense” really suits the UI, which is so intuitive you'll feel like they designed it just for you. The menu systems are easy to access and everything is exactly where you would expect it to be, and it is also very easy to customize the views you get on the phone, allowing you to choose which apps and features take the most prominence. The messaging interface is great, with modern thread style texting, and the on screen keyboard is one of the better ones on the market, making it easy to text, email and so on without horrendous mistakes blighting everything you write!

Comfortable, Attractive Design

For a larger, slate style device, the HTC Sensation uses design to look deceptively compact, with its smooth curved finish and light feel. This means it sits a lot more comfortably in your hand than squarer phones, and yet you still get the benefit of lots of screen space to read and look at things on. The screen quality is great, and so you can enjoy watching video and reading pages on it, even for long periods of time.

Keep It Charged

The only downside to the HTC Sensation is that the battery life isn't great. This is not so much a negative about the HTC Sensation itself, but about Android phones in general – there are very few out there you aren't going to want to charge every night. It does charge pretty quickly, and you'll get a day of fairly intensive use out of that charge, so don't let this put you off buying the Sensation, just make sure you remember to plug it in when you are at work or overnight so it doesn't frustrate you by running out of juice when you need it.

Author Bio:
Writer Laura Ginn, who is passionate about mobile tech, took a look at the cool HTC Sensation Android smartphone to find out if this attractive device lived up to the hype around it. Laura is a keen reviewer of smartphones and other mobile technology, and aims to help her readers get the most out of their phones.
Posted By: Stuart Prada

Looking For A Phone That Makes Everything Simple? Try The HTC Sensation


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