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How To Engage In Quality Link Building

Particularly after Google's Penguin update, building able to establish quality backlinks for SEO purposes has become increasingly difficult as well as important for a site. Whether your site was Penguin slapped or went unharmed, check out these simple quality link building strategy to aid in your site's recovery or general SEO improvement.
How to Engage in Quality Link Building

Guest Blogging

Webmasters sometimes have trouble coming up with their own original content, or for one reason or another may not have the time or means to write up content. Guest blogging provides the opportunity for a third party such as you to provide that original content to their site in exchange for a byline and backlink. This allows you the opportunity to take advantage of that site's readership and traffic along with the benefits of a backlink when it comes to SEO. Of course, communicating with webmasters one-by-one from site-to-site can be time consuming.

You may ask yourself if it's worth all that time and effort all for the sake of one backlink. To make the process more efficient you can invest in a third party website that brings together both guest bloggers as well as webmasters seeking content. Sites such as myblogguest acts as an intermediary, allowing you to post your content in a gallery that webmasters can look through to pick up content they want for their sites. Consider it a small investment, with the dividends consisting of those sites traffic along with the SEO boost that comes with the backlink.

Local Listings: SEO and PR in One

While the old Yellowpages might be a bit outdated, nothing builds a firm's credibility like a backlink on a local listing and/or review site. This includes everything from Google or Bing Business to Yelp and Yellowpages online. This gives your site more than just the benefit of a backlink. It aids in your business's credibility by providing a means for clients to review the quality of your goods or services. So when traffic comes to these review sites, the first impression they get is evidence of a satisfied client base. Nothing draws in potential client leads as effectively as hard proof of the quality of services you provide.

Event Sponsorship

Another way to give your business a credible backlink is through sponsorship. This might be a charity, a festival, athletic event, conference, or career fair.  Whenever participants visit websites of the particular event for registration, directions, or a plethora of other reasons, they see your brand alongside a backlink. Specific events such as a conference or career fair also put you in contact with potential business partners or employees. On top of all this, your brand and firm gains the PR that comes with sponsoring charitable and local events. To say the least, doesn't hurt your brand name if a consumer associates your brand with a noble cause or the local community.

Furthermore, aim to sponsor an event the following year if it is an annual occurrence. That way during the time in between the end of the event and the next, your link remains up at no additional cost. Plus when people return to register, your brand will be there from the start.

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Zane Schwarzlose manages the SEO at Fahrenheit Marketing, a web design firm in Austin, Texas. He's always looking for new ways to build online relationships to improve his clients' authority.
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How To Engage In Quality Link Building


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