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Microsoft SQL Server Express, Is It The Right Choice?

Deciding and implementing which edition of the Microsoft SQL server 2012 is not always an  easy choice. The cost of the product must balance on the present and future business requirements. If you hold too much of your capital or go far on your cost saving side, you will surely end up with a mediocre version or have to sacrifice the important functions. Making mistakes on the feature will waste a lot financial resources.

The 2012 Microsoft SQL servers have three versions currently out in the market , the "Express", "Standard" and "Enterprise". We will focus on the SQL Server  2012 Express. This platform is a great way to start because it is free. Yes, you read it right... it is a free version. You can download the platform and set it up and get  a complete database management system that includes many valuable tools and extras without spending a dollar.
Microsoft SQL Server Express, Is It The Right Choice?
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The Express At A Glance

The SQL Express edition provides a full database platform that you can deploy freely to a server or have it redistributed  as an embedded part of an application. This version supports the same T-SQL language elements that you can see in any version of the Microsoft SQL servers. You can do data manipulation language queries against the database and you can also do  data definition language statements to make such objects like stored procedures, cursors, triggers and views. The SQL Express edition also supports native XML, Full Text Search, SQL Common Language Runtime and the snapshot isolation level. This version also comes with a collection of useful tools such as Configuration Manager, Sevice Broker, Import/Export Wizard, and SQL Management Studio. The tools that you will get depend which version of Express you download. The  Express SQL Server supports these five versions:

  1. Express: This is the core database platform that does not contain any  tools. You can choose this version if all connections to the database are going to be created remotely through your preferred applications. 
  2. LocalDB: This is a lightweight version of  the Express database platform. This version is right for embedding into an application that requires a local system. You can also have this version bundled  with other development tools like Visual Studio. LocalDB runs in user mode and not  as a service. It also requires few requests to have it installed and support zero-configuration installation. 
  3. Express with Tools: Its either the LocalDB or Express versions along with a set of tools that let you create, setup and manage an Express installation. 
  4. Express with Advanced Services: This is the most complete edition of the Microsoft SQL server Express 2012. This edition includes all the management tools, full text search and reporting services. 
  5. SQL Server management Studio Express: When you download the SQL Server Express, you will find this fifth version. This edition is a tool-only platform that will give you the ability to manage the SQL Server databases that you may have already installed or implanted including the Microsoft SQL Azure. 

This free express version has a lot of tools that you can use and work with although you also need to know that it comes with limitations. For starters, the size limitations. The Express version can only support  databases only up to 10 gigabytes and can only utilize 1 gigabyte of memory and supports up to four processors. This version does not  include  many of the advanced availability and reliability features that are found in other versions of SQL server. Express will fit small businesses and startup companies that  needs a small and capable SQL server.

If you need more features and tools that are unavailable in Express, you can opt for the other Microsoft SQL servers. But with Express, you’ll still get much more compared to other developers and independent vendors are offering. Again, you can download this for free. You cannot ask for more for a an entry  level SQL platform. Also the best part of having Express implemented, you can have it upgraded to a more sophisticated SQL version. You’re not losing anything by using Express. Start small with a solid foundation and you can see your organization go up.

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Microsoft SQL Server Express, Is It The Right Choice?


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