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How To Make High Quality Videos On YouTube

If you are using YouTube to market your business and you just can’t seem to get the views you want, your video content could be perfectly fine. It could be the quality of the videos that are causing you to lose viewers. Many people are now watching their YouTube videos on high definition televisions with large screens and poor quality videos look, well like they are poor quality. Nobody wants to watch your pixilated and grainy videos when there are so many high quality and high resolution videos that look great on big format televisions. The following are some ways that help you to make high quality videos for YouTube.
How to Make High Quality Videos on YouTube

Recording the Video

If you do not already have a high quality video camera then you need to purchase one. Sure you can use the video camera on your smart phone to make videos but these do not offer the best quality videos. Most phones only have video recorders that allow for small videos in small files rather than the larger formatted videos that you would get from a high quality digital video camera. One good thing about this is that these video cameras are not incredibly expensive and cost about as much as a smart phone. The downside is that you do have to move the videos to a computer in order to upload them to YouTube. You can post your videos directly from your smart phone to YouTube.

Editing the Videos

Once you have shot your video, you want to edit it so there are no frames out of focus that look bad when played on a large format. This can be done through a variety of video editing programs out there. It seems as though there are many new programs coming out each day just for the purpose of editing homemade videos for uploading on YouTube. Make sure that you choose software that offers some special effects and other tweaks so you can make your videos stand out from the others. Having a high quality video does nothing if your fans are not watching the content. You could always purchase views but getting the views because your videos are great is more satisfying.

Coding the Video

The most important aspect of coding the video is using the right file format that can be used on YouTube such as a MOV or AVI file. You also need to code it with the correct aspect ratio so when it is shown on YouTube the video does not get washed out or pixilated. The correct aspect ratio would be 4:3 or 16:9 in order to keep the video from degrading. Also make sure you have a good quality video decoder rather than using the standard video program that come standard with Windows. There are many great ones on the market that do not cost too much but that offer a high quality result.
If you are having problems with the amount of views you are getting on your YouTube videos then you may not have the correct resolution for them. It's a known fact that high quality videos get more views than those videos that are of poor quality.

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Jimmy Taylor has been making and producing his own high quality videos for over five years and is considered an expert in the field.

How To Make High Quality Videos On YouTube


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