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Best SmartPhone Apps For Summer Travel

Summer is here and traveling is on everyone's agenda. Since nearly everybody has a smart phone in today's world, it is wise to consider downloading the top applications for summer travel. The applications outlined below were picked to help all sorts of travelers enhance their experience while going to unfamiliar lands. Most of these applications are free so you should not feel discouraged from downloading any of the ones listed. Some of these apps work with one another, so check them out to see what you could be missing out on when you go on your next trip this summer.

Best SmartPhone Apps For Summer Travel

Yelp Can Help You Make Good Choices

When you are looking for somewhere to eat, shop, or have some fun, Yelp is there to give you a list of the top destinations. Yelp is an application that millions of users have downloaded on their smart phones. Conduct a search on Yelp and you can find a particular location to visit. This application allows you to get a GPS map of the locations you might consider going with your group. Most businesses on Yelp have reviews about the quality and services provides. Instead of wasting your time trying out a place that provides bad service, you can read the reviews to see if a place you find on Yelp is worth visiting. With this feature you can find the best places to visit in a city. Yelp can help you plan your entire trip if you do not know what to do. Download Yelp and you can learn about things in the area you travel to that you never ever knew existed. Yelp does its best to filter out fake reviews so that you can get honest opinions about places to visit.

Get Discounts With Pocketly

Pocketly is an underrated application that is free to download and that provides valuable information on businesses in a given area. Pocketly is similar to Yelp in that is provides you with reviews about businesses. The difference between Pocketly and Yelp is that the Pocketly app provides you with a variety of coupons to use at a business. Pocketly lets you save money by looking up the top places in an area where you can save on discounts. Pocketly has honest reviews from people that have visited businesses.

Find Happy Hour Locations

Are you interested in trying out the local drinking establishments? Traveling means that you do not have to worry about work. The Happy Hours application can help you figure out where to get the day started and save money. Think of Happy Hours as an application like Yelp, except that it only shows you destinations that have happy hour deals going on. The Happy Hours app is another free application to download. You can save a lot of money when you decide to use this application for happy hour. LA Weekly loves the app so you should check it out to see what deals you can find.

Let Tripomatic Plan Your Trip For You

Tripomatic is an application that can help you figure out how to get the most out of your travels. If you do not know what to do during your travels, all you have to do is input your destination and the application will take care of the rest. Enter how many days you plan on staying in a location and Tripomatic will plan events for you each day. You may get more than one event a day so you will always be busy. This is the perfect app for travelers going somewhere but have no idea what the area has to offer. PC Magazine gives an honest review about the benefits that this application can provide when planning a trip.

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Best SmartPhone Apps For Summer Travel


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